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We’re making 10 lucky girls happy this Christmas because we’re not only giving away one luvabella doll but 10 of it! We hope to make those little girls happy with on of the hottest toy this year. From our Family to yours, we hope that you will like our simple gifts. HAPPY HOLIDAYS everybody!



  • Chloe 12 months ago

    Dear Santa & FamJam Crew, my name is Mila and my very first birthday is dec.14th and this is the first christmas i will open presents and have fun. I would love this baby not only for christmas, but my very first birthday. Thank you santa and FamJam Crew

  • Maria 11 months ago

    FamJam Crew(santa)you have such kind hearts to make a child’s holiday. May you and your family continue to be blessed. I am writing to you today because unfortunetly this year I will not be able to make my children’s christmas wishes. I recently lost my job and am facing a hardship. I worked so hard to receive nothing at the end. And am struggling to put food and keep our roof over our heads. I promised my children so much thinking i would be able to give and at the end I do not even know if we will make it till next month. I am actively looking gor jobs. I am a mohs technician and have been for many years and thos year received the short end of the stick. I believe my daughter deserves a Luvabella Doll this christmas because she has been so good to me. I used to wake her up at 4 am to take her to daycare and she never fussed or gave me any problems. My daughter is an amazing and special little girl. I feel horrible for losing my job at such a time. I literally lost my job on December 1st and since then have been hustling trying to get at least food on the table for my children. I believe this gift would light up our christmas and give us a little hope. Our family wishes your beautiful family a blessed holiday. Thank you for your time. ♥️

  • Erika northcutt 11 months ago

    Dear Santa and famjam crew,
    I am writing you this year in hopes of a luvabella doll for my 6yr old daughter gabby she really wants this baby but we can’t afford it this year. Gabby has been such an amazing help with her 1y old brother Joey and her 3yr old sister Lena who is autistic. Gabby has been completely patient with Lena and never loses her calm with her even when Lena has physical outbursts and gabby gets hit, gabby also sticks up for Lena when her cousins aren’t very nice. Also this year gabby has been working very hard in school and even does extra school work at home to try and keep her grades up. Please she really deserves this baby.

  • Kimberly Shaffer 11 months ago

    I logged everything in the way it said and I still can’t get an entry after writing to Santa, how can you fix this for me?

    • FamJamCrew 11 months ago

      Hi Kimberly,
      We use a paid app call Gleam to do our contests. If you have any issues with it, we recommend you contacting them to get it solved. Trouble shooting any errors would be on their end. Apologize for any inconvenience. Their support is here: https://gleam.io/#support-modal

  • Kaitlynn 11 months ago

    Dear Santa/Fam Jam Crew
    Im writing in hopes my niece would be lucky enough to get a Luvabella Doll..
    Last Year was tough for my niece her parents split and has been tough havent to adjust to being seperated to 2 and shes taking it best she can I was hoping that getting a doll would make christmas extra special for her!Thank You!!

  • Stepb 11 months ago

    Dear Santa
    My daughter Cadence is deserving of this generous gift. She is the oldest of 3 and is always helping her mama. She is caring and kind. I know shed love something like this.
    Thanks Famjam for your kind heart of giving ❤

  • Tina Campbell 11 months ago

    Dear Santa my name is Delilah and I am almost 10 months old my grandma is helping me write this I would love to have this doll as its my first Christmas opening presents. I don’t have any tolls to play with at the moment and would love to have I luvabella as my first baby 🙂 Merry Christmas. ❤ Delilah and Grandma Campbell

  • Danika 11 months ago

    Dear santa and the famjamcrew…. my daughter is 2 years old and obsessed with babies! She would love a doll for christmas… she carries one torn up doll around everywhere … bed.. the park her grandparents

    • Danika 11 months ago

      I also am a single teen mom and cannot really afford one.

  • Angel 11 months ago

    Dear santa,
    My 4 year little girl has been bugging me about this doll since it has come out so please help me out thank you so much

  • Krystal Otis 11 months ago

    Dear Santa,
    Our daughter loves her baby dolls. I think the Luvbella doll will help her because her life is about to change. She adores her grandmother and she loves her so much. Her grandmother was recently told she has stage 4 lung cancer. So life as my daughter knows it is about to change. I know it will be hard to see this strong woman she loves go through something like this. Plus we are about to move from Georgia to Ohio to be with her. So we can be with her & my girls spend a lot of time with her. So during this battle I think this one help my daughter. Give her something to keep her mind off of things. She LOVES feeding her babies. Changing their diapers. I know she would enjoy this doll. Thank you for the opportunity to win a Luvabella doll.

  • Karen Brown 11 months ago

    Dear Santa,
    We are very excited that Christmas is coming! We live in Vernon BC and love playing with dolls. There are two of us, sisters and we are 8 and 11 years old. We are hoping that you will bring us dolls for Christmas this year!
    Thank you for making Christmas special for so many children.
    H & M

  • Julia 11 months ago

    Dear santa i would love to win this for my daughter that turns 2 3 days after Christmas this would be a great gift for my little peanut thank you for the opportunity and god bless

  • Taeghan Mitchell 11 months ago

    Dear Santa,
    My name is Taeghan and my little sisters name is Ainslie and we would love to have Luvabella become part of our family here in Cape Breton , I’m sure she would love to live here with us and she could share our rooms and our beds , and she would have sleepovers at our nannys house every Saturday night and have lots of fun with us too !
    I hope you can find our house again this year and we are still good at sharing ! Have a good trip Santa !

  • Heather Newlands 11 months ago

    Dear Santa, I am writing to you in the hopes of receiving a Luvabella Doll for Christmas for my two daughters to share. I am in need of a little extra help this Christmas. I would love to see the joy that this doll would bring to them on Christmas morning. Thank you, #VernonBC


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