LOL Big Surprise Giveaway!

Published on November 20, 2017 by

Fasten your seat belts guys! Because aside from just showing what’s the inside of Lol surprise, we are also giving it away! All you have to do is check out this LOL surprise unboxing opening video and visit this link to make an entry. We’re starting to grow our channel and as part of it, we’re giving away one of the hottest toy this 2017! Good Luck! I hope you win!



  • Kim CS 12 months ago


  • Peggy 11 months ago

    My little girl is 6 and would love this.ive had 4 surgery’s this month and she helps take care of me i was on a ventilator and came off and final got to come home.we don’t have money for Christmas this year with me being sick but she would be thankful for anything.thanks


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